About Us

Zinglife is part of the Zing Group of companies.

The Zing group’s focus is to bridge the digital divide for emerging market customers so they can transact online.

Zing is making it possible for unbanked customers to transact in the digital economy.


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It is extremely inconvenient, if not impossible for most emerging market customers to access affordable offshore insurance.
Our insurance solution accepts Digital Dollars as an innovative alternative to paying for insurance premiums and also pays out benefits in Digital Dollars.

Marc Tison - Insurance Lead

Founder of Alfinanz and COO of Old Mutual’s Mass Foundation cluster with 30 years career in financial services.

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Outdated modes of payment have left 2 billion emerging market customers on the road to an evolutionary dead end in the new digital connected global economy.
Our solution is the Digital Dollar, as an innovative alternative that works without a bank account.

Warren Venter - Digital Dollar Lead

Founder of M4JAM, South Africa’s fastest growing and largest micro-jobbing platform, with 10 years experience in tech start-ups.

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