Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I apply?
The product is a available online and has been designed so there is no need for you to ever engage with an advisor or talk to a call centre agent.
2. Do I need to do a medical check?
No a physical medical check is not required. However, we do ask medically related questions in order to underwrite each case before we accept new cases.
3. Is there a waiting period on the product?
A Waiting Period is a period of time after cover has been bought during which no claims can be made.
The Waiting Period on this product is 3 months.
4. How do I pay premiums?
You pay using your Digital Dollars.
This makes it super easy and convenient for you because you do not need an offshore bank account or have to be concerned with the costs maintaining such a bank account.
5. How would my family claim?
Go online to the Claim menu and follow the 4 step claim process, which is laid out for you.
6. Can I access my Policy online?
You can access your policy inline at any time.
In order to do that go to the Client Portal and register after your policy has been approved.
If you do have a policy with us, your registration will be accepted and then you will be able to see your Policy and can amend:
1) Cover
2) Beneficiaries
3) Contact details
7. Can I increase my life cover?
Yes you can increase your cover at any time up to the maximum cover level via the Client Portal.
Note that this will require you to respond to additional underwriting questions and we may be required to initiate another 3 month waiting period.
8. Do you provide whole of life cover?
No not at at this stage, but we do plan to introduce this in the future.
9. Do you provide additional riders like dread disability/disease/critical illness or gap cover?
No not at this stage, but we do plan to introduce this in the near future.
10. Do you provide investments?
No and we do not intend to offer insurance wrapped investments as we feel these costs are prohibitive and tend to reduce the yield on your investment.
We rather support direct investment in a number of investment products, which you may easily invest directly in using your Digital Dollars.
11. How do I make changes to my policy?
To make a change to your policy is simple. In order to do that you Logon to the Client Portal and then click on the Policy Change button under the Policy Service Section.
You can amend:
1) Cover
2) Beneficiaries
3) Contact details
12. Where is the life claim amount paid out?
We pay Digital Dollars into the the Digital Dollar account of the registered Beneficiaries.
Beneficiaries may then choose to process a Digital Dollar refund to transfer any amount from their Digital Dollar account to any bank account globally.
13. Who is the underwriter of the life cover?
Zing Life Assurance PCC (“ZINGLife”) is a registered Seychelles life insurer with registration number: 210290.
For your peace of mind, ZINGLife reinsures its claims risk through a partnership with Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd (Swiss Re), who is a reinsurance company based in Zurich, Switzerland. This arrangement ensures that we are always in a position to pay all valid claims.
14. How does our Rewards Program Work?
Anyone can apply to become a Super Hero in order to participate in our Rewards Program.
Once you become a Super Hero, you refer customers.
Rewards are earned as-and-when-we-receive-premium basis and paid into your Digital Dollar account.
See how much you can potentially earn by clicking here.
Feel free to contact us if you require more information about our exciting rewards program.

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Zing Life Assurance PCC is a registered Seychelles Insurer (no: 210290) - “ZingLife”.